Stage Design

Displays will be purchased from VERY different suppliers depending on type of need
Some companies can deliver at very short notice, others need time but focus on best quality, others again will give us the most flexible modules or the most specific structures to meet our needs.
Not all frames will be disposable: if so, imaging panels will be retained by clients (if requested) whilst for “rented” solutions, the costing will be reduced, despite of the delivery and “collection” service needed after usage. We can cater for either solutions and suppliers will vary also in accordance to your event’s own location.
Exhibition stands
Curved stands
Semifixed frames
Modular exhibition stand
Pop Ups
Roller Banners
Modular Panels
Swinging boards
Often displays are custom-built: you provide an image (if you do not have a design) of an arrangement “seen or used” beforehand and, with such design, we proceed to create the image and to request the bids from a selection of suppliers: once we are satisfied to have secured the right solution (quality/price relation), then, we get back to you and we indicate also the 2nd and 3rd best, giving you a chance to evaluate what may be most to your liking.
Many more arrangements can be organized: please do write and explain what you may require or send us an image and we will price you the arrangement. Please try to indicate as much as possible anything that may be a must for you and try to list the dimensions and “most measuraments” that you may specifically need. Please write to

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