R-WEB-MColaneri-southbankWe are supported by a team of professional photographers with a the right skills and knowledge of Conference needs

From the choice of the right film for Indoor photography (indoor is where most photos are generally taken) to Basic Planning, with our photographers often visiting locations ahead of schedule in order to better prepare for the following shoot.

Punctuality and pre meetings with organizers on the day of the event.

Of course, full supply of the necessary equipment (as needed, depending on the occasion, from backdrops to special lighting /…)

Our photographers will often try to avoid flash photography when taking routine photos of group discussions, in order to minimize the disturbancy level to our customers: that’s why both the photographer’s own skill, the right camera settings and the right film can make a big difference in securing the right images.

We do generally provide our clients with DISCS and Developed images (as requested) within 24hrs from the shoot: shorter time-frames can be arranged, depending on the specific needs.

When photos must be TAKEN & USED as the day progress, our photographer work in close relation with the EDITING TEAM on location to the purpose to incorporate the images of the earlier moments of the day into the documents and PowerPointPresentations of the following hours as the day progresses: we can also leave the editing to the own client’s on location staff, when requested: your clients must have full control over the services as they feel most suited to themselves.

We can cope with short notice arrangements and with VIP services: our photographers are freelance professionals that work with the best and perform with reliable standards.

Please write and we will be happy to provide you with a proposal. The more you will write, the better we will prepare our offer. Please give us 24hrs: within this time we should be able to contact the photographers, to secure their availability (stand-by till your reply) and to design a proposal. See our contacts here below

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