Some of our cameramen are not only top professionals with the right skills and knowledge of Conference and Banqueting shooting needs but also dear friends that often try to help us, adjusting their other work to suit our fixed and often last minute requirements.

Our Cameramen are generally freelance and often producers and editors within their own specialized Companies: similarly to the photography, will often visit locations ahead of schedule in order to better prepare for the shoot.

Punctuality and pre meetings with organizers on the day of the event.

Each photographer uses a different Kit and they will adjust their choice of Camera/Equipment on the basis of your intentions for the use of the end product: if the film will be used for TV advertising or Of course, full supply of the necessary equipment (as needed, depending on the occasion, from backdrops to special lighting /…)

Cameramen will generally belong to the Guild of Television Cameramen and/or to their local registered organization many regularly work freelance for employers such as BBC, ITV: they have great references and flexibility, also able to cope with our budgets when necessary and mostly focusing on the quality of service provided, the only standard of service that they are able to provide.

Cameramen will shoot with DigiBeta or DV Cam Cameras, depending on your needs: wide and long lenses, lighting, right stock of battery, dimmers, monitors, sound microphones, sand bags, umbrellas, power and extension cables,…

We do generally provide our clients with DISCS of the Films (as requested): we can supply UNEDITED work within 24hrs from the shoot: shorter time-frames can be arranged, depending on the specific needs. For EDITED work, of course, time frame will have to strench from 1 to 2 or 3 days, depending on the number of hours filmed and the extent of editing required.

We can cope with short notice arrangements and with VIP services: our cameramen are freelance professionals that work with the best and perform with reliable standards: their preferece will always be to receive detailed instructions and expectations of the work to be done.

Please write and we will be happy to provide you with a proposal. The more you will write, the better we will prepare our offer. Please give us 24hrs: within this time we should be able to contact the cameramen, to secure their availability (stand-by till your reply) and to design a proposal. See our contacts here below

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