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Motion Europe (ME DMC) in the past 25 years built a reputation as one of the premier receptive European operators. Striving to provide outstanding and personalised service, reliability and competitive rates we have gained the trust of top Worldwide Organisations. We can support you In Italy, but also in Germany, France, Switzerland, England and Scotland/... and all Western Europe destinations thanks to our network of guides and suppliers that we have established in the past decades. Our range of services span from arranging Conferences, selecting the suitable Venues, organizing Gala Dinners or "simply" operating some of the most demanding Business, Educational or Travel programs: our bread an butter. Check with us to see what we can do for you at


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Experience, smart thinking, languages to support you, passion to guide you in Europe
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Silvia Nepi

Director and Owner, 30 years in Travel. Passion to deliver the perfect customization. In recent times mostly focused on Academic and Business travel.
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Joined directorship in 2010 after working at Dresden Tourist Board . An exceptionally bright and talented professional. Supports worldwide agents, with precision and speed. Holds a Master’s of Arts in Tourism from University of Wesminster London
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Luca Masseroli

Founder, ex Lansdown Tutors, Hays & Jarvis, Alpha Tours Japan & MB Amsterdam. Qualified in Science of Information
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Martin Ruifeng Ding

Key Account Manager
With great experience working for an Outbound Travel Agent in Shenzhen China, after securing a further Master’s degree in Tourism Management. With love for European culture, thanks to his Chinese nationality, Martin bridges our relations with the Far East and beyond
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Daniela Aljinovic

Senior Key Account Manager
With years of experience at her DMC family business to Croatia, Slovenia and the Balkans, holds all the qualities and the experience needed to work at the highest level. Today she focuses on the most demanding aspects of Educational travel, Graduate programs and Incentive MICE/Corporate
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Laura Accurti

Senior Account Manager
Graduated at the University of Turin with a degree in English and North American literature Laura has been working in inbound travel since 1987, dealing especially with leisure and educational tours as well as concert and choir tours from the US
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Gaia Piras

Operations Manager Italy/UK
With a Organization and Management of Live Events specialization at Inter-university research centre CIRPS, Gaia worked at the Group and Incentive Operational department of a large London based firm, just after adding further experience with a DMC active on the Far East market. Gaia combines her enthusiasm and dedication to creating positive experiences for the ever demanding programs .
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Antonella Malatesta

Hotels Purchasing Manager
Tourism Economics degree at Naple’s “Parthenope” University, followed by 7 years in the roles of Hotel Contractor, Sales Promoter and Customer Services. Antonella’s passion for the industry, for Italy, for cooking, all determining factors in completing the profile of a determined professional.
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Raj Yadav

Senior Administrator
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Javier Gomez Coder

Spain incoming
after graduating in Tourism at Universidad de Huelva, Spain, Javier worked as Receptionist at Hotel Barceló Beach Resort Punta Umbria, gaining the most valuable experience at this busy reception. Javier is currently supporting us here with his knowledge of Spain, his dedication to the Industry
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Céline Schreurs

Account Manager
A young and bright individual, qualified at “Stenden University of Applied Sciences”, focused and efficient, mother-tongue Dutch and fluent English. Working within a busy Team supporting Canadian & American agents and their complex group arrangements.
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Ted Inoue

Japan Marketing Manager
supports us from Japan with a life of experience working for the strongest players in Europe, is now in charge of our relations and marketing on location, in earlier years a solid hotel purchasing manager, a friend and a source of inspiration and guidance always.


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